About Us

We are a Nigeria-based book company that is committed to total book development. We offer a wide range of services, including publishing in regular and accessible formats; editorial and consultancy services; rights management, consultancy and the provision of anti-piracy solutions.

The hallmarks of our business and editorial policy are meticulous attention to details; quality and prompt service delivery and an uncommon passion for excellence. We acknowledge authors as major stakeholders in the origination, planning, production and distribution process. Guided by our core values of diligence, integrity, transparency and accountability, we hold our authors in very high regard, knowing that our hard-earned time-tested trust is our key asset in a partnership arrangement that we hold so dear.

We offer a rich cocktail of services including:

  • Innovative and customized publishing services
  • Quality editorial and production standards
  • Special publishing support services to universities and faculties
  • Conceptualization and development of journals and special publications
  • Mentorship and professional support for budding and young authors
  • Provision of product verification and other anti-piracy support
  • Development of online resources on Nigerian law
  • promotion of inclusive publishing

At Books & Gavel, we bring books alive in an inclusive manner, making them more accessible and interactive. Working with the Nigeria Association of the Blind (NAB) and other stakeholders such as the Blind Reading and Inclusive Learning Empowerment (BRAILE) we support the campaign for inclusive publishing and helping the blind to read.

We do not only make and sell books; we power knowledge!