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Books & Gavel is committed to the highest standards in inclusive publishing, paying attention to both content and technical presentation. We welcome well-written manuscripts in our areas of interest. For the purpose of initial assessment, manuscripts may be submitted in electronic format as e-mail attachments although we may later request submission of a hard copy if that becomes necessary.

Want to submit a manuscript?

Where do you send your manuscript?

All inquiries, proposals and actual submission of manuscripts are to be made to the Managing Editor at the address below. An inquiry and proposal should be concise and clear with the subject matter identified.

Proposals may suggest a particular book title that an inquirer would want us to be involved in. It may also be for collaboration or other book-related activities. The Managing Editor will pass the proposal to the appropriate desk for consideration and further action. Please allow enough time for your proposal to be evaluated and be assured that we will get back to you as soon as possible with the outcome of the evaluation.

What should a manuscript submission include?

When submitting a manuscript, please include the following:

  • The proposed title of the book
  • If the work is new or had previously been published and by who
  • A brief about the author and any other book by the same author(s)
  • A summary of the book which should not be more than two pages
  • A detailed table of content
  • A synopsis of the proposed book (usually about two or three chapters not necessarily in any sequence)
  • The target reading market. Indicate if the book would appeal to an international audience
  • A list of the closest competing texts that are already in the market
  • The gap which the new publication seeks to fill
  • Any corporate contacts that the author has that would assist the marketing of the book
  • The author(s) contact details including telephone and emails

Although all possible care is taken with all submissions, Random House Australia bears no responsibility for the loss or damage of materials received. Please ensure that you send copies only of the materials you are submitting. Do not send original illustrations or photographs. The address for submissions is:

Note: Please do not send the complete manuscript unless invited to do so. Although Books and Gavel will treat every submission with extreme care, it does not take responsibility for any loss or damage to any materials that may be submitted. No originals must be sent unless so requested.

Our Areas of Interest

Our primary area of interest is Law and priority will be given to manuscripts that address contemporary legal issues or are designed for use in schools. Well-researched thesis or dissertations may be considered for publication where the author is willing to work with our editors to put them in book formats.

Works of fiction will only be considered in exceptional cases where they are considered to have a bearing on the law.

Citation style

For the preferred styles for citations or referencing authors may consult the Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), available here, or the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers (NALT) Uniform Citation Guide.

Address for manuscripts

Publishing inquiries, proposals or manuscripts should be sent by email or on this website to: managingeditor@booksandgavel.com. Where a hard copy is requested, it may be sent to:

The Managing Editor
Books and Gavel Ltd.
P.O. Box 18278, Garki,
Abuja Nigeria

All other inquiries may be sent to: info@booksandgavel.com


All manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word format.

Turn around time

We will usually acknowledge receipt of all inquiries, proposals or manuscripts and will do everything possible to get back with an initial assessment within a month.

Editorial Policy

All manuscripts sent in for assessment will go through a rigorous peer-review process. The review is anonymous and strictly confidential.

Books and Gavel have zero tolerance for plagiarism and other copyright abuses so authors are well-advised to ensure that their manuscripts are original and that proper attribution is given for materials that are not original to the author. The author undertakes to take full responsibility for any adverse claim of defamation, plagiarism, breach of privacy, copyright abuse or infringement arising from the publication of the manuscript.

An appropriate publishing contract must be executed between Books and Gavel on the one hand and the author(s) on the other before the manuscript is published.

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